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The Impossible Dream

Valisto, Dec 3, 14 10:44 AM.

T5 Retro Raids Follow-Up

Valisto, Sep 12, 14 12:00 AM.
We had a really good turnout for the Crypt of T'haen from the Bloodline Chronicles!  We killed LOTS of vampires as we worked out way up to the top, and killed the evil vampire overlord. We used our guildhall chronomancer and set our levels around 45-50, to make the raid more challenging... and it was!   Good work everyone!

Afterward, we had a few people left, looking for more action, so we hit up a few of the minor T5 raid instances:  Cove of Decay:  Epic Angler, Commune of K'Dal (which almost K'killed us all), and Firemyst Gully: Shattered Stillness.

The plan for next week is similar.  One large zone (Spirits of the Lost), followed by a few more small quick instances -- hope to see everyone there!

Recruit Raids Follow-Up

Valisto, Sep 6, 14 2:41 AM.
Our first Recruit/Retro raid was a good time!  We had a lot of new people with us who enjoyed their first raid with Antiquity -- and they all did great!  We did all six of the city raids -- everyone worked really well together, and we beat all the zones without any trouble.   Thanks to everyone who came out!

Next week, we'll be running through some of the old tier 5 raid zones.  Everyone is welcome!

Heading Into The Shadow Odyssey

Prytaniathefae, Aug 31, 14 11:40 PM.
Hi, folks!  

The incredibly fun adventures we have had in Kunark are drawing to a conclusion, and soon we will head full-force into the Shadow Odyssey where new fantastic adventures await us!

Ezirem made a wonderful post that gives a great overview of what we are heading into; why don't you head on over to the Events Forums now and check it out?


Prytaniathefae, Aug 31, 14 4:27 AM.
Congrats, Antiquity! We just hit guild level 92!  It's been a long and wonderful adventure getting this far!  Thanks to EVERYONE who has helped us get here, by doing writs, rush orders, and helping us on on raids. We should all be proud of how much we've accomplished together, and the wonderful team we have at our sides!

With level 92, we have access to a new amenity for the guild hall, the Chronomancer!  This allows us to mentor down without needing anyone to mentor!  For a few gold, you can reduce your level so you can go back and enjoy some of the content and quests you might have missed.  It also allows us to mentor down BELOW guildmates we group with, so we are not so powerful we trivialize the content for them!

This new amenity is perfect for a guild like Antiquity.  Our guild is all about exploring and seeing everything Norrath has to offer, without worrying too much about our levels.   Now it's even easier to get a group of guildmates together and go run through some old content, without needing anyone to mentor!  Enjoy!

Lore and Legend Depot!

Valisto, Aug 29, 14 7:03 AM.
A few days ago the guild hall got a new Legend and Lore item depot!

Lore and Legend quests are the ones that require you to get all the various body parts from a mob, and then adds that mob to your Master's Strike/Smite/Rage skill.   You can now dump all your extra LnL parts into the depot for other guildmates, and take any you need for yourself!

At one time, you had to find the book to begin these quests, but now you can begin them simply by examining any of the body parts that drop.  Usually about half of the updates are drop, the other half automatic updates from kills.   Most of you have probably already been doing them, but if you haven't, they are worthwhile!  Even if you don't use the skill much, completing the quests give quite a bit of XP and AA compared to most quests.

Guild Hall Stable Hand

Valisto, Aug 26, 14 10:52 PM.
The guild hall has a new amenity!  You'll find Farmboy standing near the door, willing to clean and feed your mount, giving you a two hour buff that makes your mount run a little bit faster...  Enjoy!

The EPIC Guild ANTIQUITY has attained level 80!

Prytaniathefae, Jul 27, 14 7:20 PM.
Tradeskill duels to the death... Shard runs and pattern drops... Our version of Sherman's March through Kunark... We're moving ahead full steam and having a blast!  Congratulations, everyone!
Najena freed.
"Help me, Antiquity, you're my only hope!"

The Legendary Guild ANTIQUITY Has Attained Level 70!

Prytaniathefae, May 28, 14 12:30 PM.
As notable as the achievement is, what truly excites me is how much fun we've had reaching and passing this milestone.  

My most heart-felt thank you to each and every one of you for making Antiquity the fantastic guild it is!

●▬▬▬▬ ๑۩۩๑ ▬▬▬▬▬●

Snapshots from a few of our victories in 
Kingdom of Sky, the Fallen Dynasty, and Echoes of Faydwer:

How many Antiquity raiders can you fit in a bowl?  All of them, FTW!  (Good thing we like each other!) Vilucidae didn't stand a chance against our close-quarter teamwork.

This junk pile was a Clockwork Menace before Antiquity strolled into its factory...

The spirit of Chel'Drak has departed this realm.

Antiquity is ready to rise to Kunark!

Time to get S'naked!

carmenus, Mar 23, 14 2:35 AM.
Tonight'sssss raid featured an epic esssscapade through the Court'ssss of Al'afaz and Poet'ssss Palace!  We battled golden mintaurssss, cyclopssss, djinn and more!  We ssslithered our way to victory in typical Antiquity tradition!

Before the raid a few of us attempted to raid Large Marge and steal all her loots.  We're heard rumors she drops like 60 masters and an assortment of food/drink/ammo/gear/adornments, etc.  We failed horribly

Getting S'naked!

Court of snakes

Hard fought battles in Poet's Palace!

Hard fought battles deserve some R&R.  So we took some time to relax in a hot tub!

Gates of Ahket Aken Follow-Up

Valisto, Mar 16, 14 4:18 AM.
Our first raid zone in DoF turned out to be a lot easier than we expected -- we cleared everything and took out all the named on our first try.  It went quick, but it was still a lot of fun!   Since we finished faster than anticipated, so we went and killed Venekor the Younger one more time, just because we could...

Thanks to everyone who came out - nice job!

Getting Ready For Battle

Valisto, Mar 14, 14 5:19 AM.

We've been making plans, and preparing for the upcoming battles, and now we're ready to go -- this Saturday we'll start our series of raids in the Desert of Ro!  Check the calendar for the upcoming raids, and read up a bit so you know what to expect, and have a better idea what's going on.  

Most of the zones no longer require an access quest.  For the few that still do, the raid leader will have the required access quests completed, and will be able to pull the entire raid force into the zone.  However, it is always nice if a few extra people have access, just in case something goes wrong...

So sharpen your blades, and memorize your spells -- it's time to dominate the desert!

Into the Desert!

Valisto, Mar 2, 14 11:25 AM.
Our level cap is now 60, and we are heading into the Desert of Flames!

This is a great expansion, both in terms of the storyline and the amount of great content available!  You can read more about it and discuss it here.  

And don't forget to rub the lamp -- a genie will grant you a wish...  try it!  It's on one of the islands out in the water across from the docks.

Deception Follow-Up

Valisto, Mar 2, 14 11:08 AM.
Before we started tonight, Antiquia had a few words to share with us...

"Welcome friends!  It is a special day in our journey together through Norrath!  Today we take a great step forward in our journey together.  We have been preparing for this moment since we first banded together -- and now the day has come!  We are about to face a rare and uncommon challenge, one of which many speak, but few have witnessed.  It may seem slight at first, and beneath our abilities, but it marks a special moment in our life together."

She explained to us our common purpose and goals as a guild, and inspired by her words we headed out to gather the rings we needed from the drakota around Norrath, before we could face Darathar.

Having gathered what we needed, we found our way back to the Isle of Refuge, where we made our way to our final confrontation!  

We waiting for him to finish his flight around the island, and then we engaged.  

We finally succeeded and took him down, destroyed the prismatic egg, and took his head as our trophy!  Many of us also received the uncommon title "of the Shard," and were rewarded by Nagafen with a prismatic weapon!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and helped us finish this special chapter in our guild's history!  We have come a long way in a short time, and accomplished much more together than we ever could have alone!  And along the way, we have become a solid community of friends and comrades, bound together by our adventures and our commitment to a common cause!

We should all be proud of this special moment, what it says about who we are, and what we are capable of doing together!  We have proven we have what it takes, and we are ready to move forward and face whatever challenges lie ahead!

Long live Antiquity!

Fire and Ice Follow-Up

Valisto, Feb 23, 14 10:44 AM.
After following the instructions of Lord Nagafen, and learning a bit more about the prismatic egg which came from the forbidden mating between himself and Lady Vox, we were sent to see if we could find it.  Unfortunately, Lady Vox was killed long ago for her crimes, so we had to find a way to revive her to ask her a few questions...

The Drakota that slew her had what we needed to revive her:  her heart, mind, and soul.  So we travelled around Norrath, found the three drakota, killed them, and retrieved what we needed to perform the resurrection of Vox.

She told us that her prismatic egg had been taken by King Drayek, the giant king, and so we hunted him down and found him guarding it.  

Just as we killed him and were about to grab the egg, the Sage of Ages appeared and revealed himself in his true form: the dragon Darathar, the wielder of The Harness used to control the drakota that originally slew Vox.

It turns out he was just using us to help him find the egg before Nagafen!  After taunting us for being fools, he took it an ran!  All along we've been pawns in a power struggle between Darathar and Nagafen, and used by both to hunt down the prismatic egg!   When we went to tell Nagafen what happened,  he asked us to hunt down Darathar and retrieve the egg...

We had a great time tonight, and a great turnout!  Everyone did a wonderful job of working together, and we quickly cleared all four raid instances without any problems -- aside from the minor problem of a scout accidentally escaping the main tank group out of the zone, getting them locked out!  Luckily, the rest of the raid was able to take out the drakota in that zone and get the item we needed, so no harm done!

If you didn't make it tonight, or had to sit out because we were full, don't forget we will be doing this again in about a week and a half.  Please check our events calendar for details!  Chances are there will be plenty of room, so everyone is also welcome to bring their alts for some extra AA and any needed quest updates!

Next Saturday we will be doing the third part of the story, Deception!   Darathar will pay!

Speak as a Dragon Follow-Up

Valisto, Feb 16, 14 7:07 AM.
Tonight we got a lot of people started on the first step toward their prismatic weapon!  We headed into Lavastorm, and met a sage under siege by drakota.   After rescuing him, he sent us down into the heart of the volcano, to meet Lord Nagafen.

After slaughtering everything in our path, we arrived at Nagafen's Lair, only to be informed by his assistant that it would be an insult to speak to him in any language other than Draconic.  So now we are all on a quest to find the runes scattered around Norrath so we can learn the language, and speak to him directly.  Something doesn't seem right -- it's already starting to feel like we are pawns in someone else's game...
Afterward, we hit a few of the miscellaneous tier 5 raid instances and put them down quickly!

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight!  Everyone did a great job of staying together and getting things done quickly and efficiently!

Who is this guy?

Valisto, Feb 15, 14 10:36 AM.
I came across a strange man in the Oracle Tower in Antonica.  He started mumbling something about dragons, forbidden love, and the destruction of Norrath...
We are finally starting the Prismatic epic weapon timeline!  Keep up with details and requirements as they are posted on our events calendar, and read about the background story HERE.

Antiquity Olympics

Valisto, Jan 18, 14 12:07 PM.

After so many successful raids, it's time to relax and take it easy!  Next week we'll be having a fun event full of challenging contests with prizes for the winners.  There is a lot of fun to be had in an online world, beyond questing, killing, and crafting!  Come on out and have some fun with all your guildmates in a relaxed fun event!  All levels are welcome.

Check the date and time on our Calendar

Council forms!

Valisto, Jan 10, 14 11:16 AM.
Things are happening with Antiqutiy!  We continue to move forward as a guild, our roster continues to grow, and our plans and machinations become ever more complicated!  To help us deal with our growing fame and prosperity, some of our members have agreed to step up and do what they can to help lead us to greatness!
Please offer your congratulations and thanks to Tkogre, Prytania, and Elemond, for taking on more responsibility and agreeing to help work together to make Antiquity even greater!

Bloodline Chronicles BEGINS!

Valisto, Jan 5, 14 9:40 AM.

It's time to get started on the The Bloodline Chronicles!  This was the first mini-expansion to the game, and it's definitely worth exploring!  The first thing to do is just get started on the quests that will eventually open up the raid instance Crypt of T'Haen: Vengeance, which we'll do in about two weeks.  

There are a lot of great quests and instances involved with this adventure pack, giving everyone a lot to do.  The quests lead to some nice rewards, new spells, and merchant items which can only be acquired there, as well as an item to give you a vampire illusion!  

Please read more about what's going on and what you'll need HERE.

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